Who We Are

TELASIH MAKMUR, it’s our nickname. We are a company Offset Printing and Packaging who live in the heart of Malang, East Java. Established since 1998, we initiated the print job in the culinary industry regarding product packaging and electronics industries. After all these years, we also are developing expanded into the automotive industry with the packaging of automobile parts, diverse and multi-faceted design.

Paper box cake, paper boxes of food, packaging perfumes, paper box medicine, paper box of shoes and sandals, paper box accu motorcycle, packaging tires in the motorcycle and car, as well as other packaging which is not added layer of corrugated board because its dimensions are relatively small (inner box), also outer box for battery, for tires, as well as other outer packaging need an additional layer of corrugated board to be more robust and powerful, is a product of our daily routine.

Indeed, the main production or our core business is the manufacture of packaging. However, because of our relatively modern production equipment, several large companies in East Java entrust the printing for the tabloids, magazines, books, calendars, posters and brochures them to us. Those who standardize high-quality printing, understand that we can make it happen.

Yes! We are committed to ensuring quality and time. Excellent in quality and on-time delivery! We understand that the low price is important. But we also understand that excellent quality and on-time delivery, much more important. For that purpose, we have invested to buy the latest Printing Machine 4 color to the size of Plano, the newest printing plate machine with CTP technology, lamination machine “Duplex to Flute” with the size of Plano, automatic folding machine and automatic gluing machine “Folder gluer”, some pond machines and many other supporting machines.

  • We are the best option for all the needs of offset printing and packaging, classy and good quality
  • We will make packaging printing as a partner that supports all other industries by increasing the value of our products become more sophisticated and quality.
  • A good understanding, follow the right way, will produce a good product. We always provide understanding about this principle to all of our employees in which they are still relatively young, creative and energetic. By always get used to working with the right procedure, will lead to customer satisfaction.

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